The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 17-18Aug2018

Launch:  Hudson MA - Hudson-Concord Elks   Duration:  :15 | :30 | :20
Land:  Static   Distance:  0.0
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Map of the flight

Saturday morning was foggy with a light breeze, forecast to increase. Everyone set up for show, Keith eventually made a free flight.

Saturday evening we had pop-up storms still in the area with light gusts now and then. ReMax setup with a 4-point tether. Keith and at least one other balloon setup on tether. Ahead of the "Glow" Cliff asked if I could setup to keep people entertained. A few other balloons also setup. It was dark enough for a reasonable glow. I deflated when the remaining balloons inflated for the coordinated glow.

Sunday morning looked good with light breezes so we all inflated. While waiting for the light ground fog to burn off further we felt some gusts come through, then a long stronger gust kept up for several minutes and most everyone decided to deflate. Enough wind to fly our ground tarp! After the gusts dropped, two balloons did fly off to the SE.

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