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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 23Aug2008
Plainville Hot Air Balloon Festival

Launch:  Plainville, CT - Norton Park   Duration:  1:00, 1:25
Land:  Southington CT, Farmington CT   Distance:  3.05, 3.11
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Map of the flight

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Saturday morning was calm, but there is fog in the area. Everyone started inflating early and the fog started moving in from the north. Got off with Jeff while things were getting hazy. Didn't take much to be on top with lots of sun, but setting in the haze moved south where getting above moved SE. Slight heating and haze burn off shifted the direction a lot. We turned SW to cross back over RT 10 and as we approached 84, all fog cleared.

Couldn't get a solid track that I thought would get us to Southington HS so we settled on the Wall-Mart parking lot. Brushed through the last tree leafs as we descended into the lot.

Saturday afternoon was too windy.

Sunday morning was calm again and had no fog to contend with. Everyone headed NNE this time, toward the airport. We got to play over the pond at the cement pipe plant... I wonder what was bubbling up? Continued NNE across the water treatment plant and into the wetlands along the river. Couldn't find enough left turn to get into the industrial area E of the airport or the large field NNE where Carlos landed. Approaching RT 10, three balloons landed in a new neighborhood with underground utilities and large yards (and houses). We went right of the neighborhood, across RT 10 and landed in a parking lot just short of the Mobil.

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