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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 09-10Aug2008

Launch:  Hudson, MA - Hudson Elks   Duration:  1:05 0:55 0:50
Land:  Hudson, MA   Distance:  3.05 1.76 1.40
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Map of the flight

This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

This was the forth annual Hudson Elks Balloon Rally.

This summer weather has been very wet and the forecast for the weekend started that way but improved as we got closer. Rain Friday, but clear with light winds for Saturday.

With all the moisture, we ended up with localized fog Saturday morning, but west of 495 was reported clear. We stood around for some time waiting for the fog/low ceiling to clear. Clayton went off early and had no problem, but it was still on the edge so the rest waited a bit longer. Finally got off in the middle of the pack and drifted ESE. Provided plenty of time around other balloons as we headed for 85 and beyond. Many balloons landed early, just past 85. We continued on with Rudi and a couple other balloons, crossing over Intel (old DEC Alpha Fab) toward the reservoir. Couldn't get off the shore and over water as we passed by. After passing the beach we were over wetlands until we turned a bit right (south) to cross Simpson road and land around the corner.

Saturday afternoon had some isolated dark clouds with sprinkles, but they cleared to give good weather later. This time while everyone else went SE, I stayed low to start NE and got over the river heading toward Hudson center. Saw a nice parking lot straight up the river, but we eventually turned E before getting that far. Crossed town just north of Intel property and over an area with minimal accessible sites until we reached Marlboro Rd. A little past the turn and we crossed to the south, when through some pine branches and dropped into a yard between two properties. Walked back to the driveway for easy access.

Sunday was even better, with no fog. Started out earlier this time, initially heading ESE over the pond, turning N then W to cross back over the field and almost to the river. Finally lost that direction and turned SE with the main group. Initially tried for Assabet Valley Vocational School but when we got past the hill we could see we were too far W. Headed for the playing field and new construction just west of the school. Extended our SE track up high before dropping to turn SSW and end up in the parking lot at the new condo construction.

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