The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 01Apr2007
Jim E and Beth C

Launch:  Stow, MA - Minute Man Air Field   Duration:  1:55
Land:  S Acton, MA   Distance:  4.39
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Map of the flight

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It's an early start to flying this year! Forecast was for very light winds until late morning.

This morning was full of first. First flight of the season, first flight after annual inspection, first flight with the new Van.

Rudi was already at the air field. We both inflated and took off slowly to the north east, turning east south east at altitude. After crossing W Acton road we dropped low over the marsh and turned 90 degrees left. In West Acton we made an intermediate landing behind the cemetery. Took off to follow Rudi toward S Acton. Rudi managed the train station lot. We went along the edge of the ball field to the south. Continued SE to 27 and finally climbed high and turned 135 degrees left to head N. When we were beside the train station we dropped, but tuned SE again to cross 27 and land at the bend of recent side street.

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