The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 26Nov2006
Dave and Meggan

Launch:  Stow, MA - Minute Man Air Field   Duration:  1:10
Land:  Westford, MA   Distance:  7.33
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Map of the flight

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Calm and cold morning, about 35 degrees. Bob was already at the Air Field when we arrived but we beat Rudi this morning (two flights yesterday must have slowed him down).

Forecast was very light, but the pibal headed north without delay. We had some breeze blowing toward the tree line after inflation. Tried to walk up wind a bit during launch but it was too much. Just climbed to clear the trees. As we got to altitude we hit about 17 mph.

When we cleared the hill to the NNE we dropped to slow below 6 mph and waited for Bob and Rudi to catch up. We all continued toward the microwave tower in Littleton. I made a low pass on the school but anything other than the parking lot would be a problem with gates.

Bob went over the ski hill and landed in the Nagog ski parking lot. We continued on toward Lucent in Westford. Didn't know which building was which and ended up in the soccer field next door. Rudi flew past and landed in the next lot up.

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