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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 05May2019
Flight Review

Launch:  Stow, MA   Duration:  1:00
Land:  Maynard   Distance:  4.93
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Map of the flight

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Finally a good weather weekend. I discover my flight review was due and most everyone is out in Letchworth! Bob was still around and wanted to get his new used basket out for it's first flight. Rather than try to fight two flights in, we just flew his balloon and got both tasks completed in one flight. As usual there was a faster band up above 200 feet and the winds turned right as you went higher, giving navigation. Tried to spend time low to avoid covering too much ground, wandering over the wetlands east of W Acton Rd. Climbed to turn right for the Maynard Golf Course. First drop turned too far left and would have missed to the north, popped up and dropped again to land on the south end of the golf course. Walked around the pond and fairways, back to the cart path off the edge of the parking lot to deflate.

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