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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 06-14Oct2018
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Launch:  Albuquerque, NM   Duration: 
Land:  Albuquerque, NM   Distance: 
Link To: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
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Map of the flight

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Saturday 10/06 Red Track, Katie and Kristen. And just when you thought they had solved the traffic issues with YEARS of experience.... The traffic, event from the west side, was at a stand still the for the first morning. Katie, Kristen, and Erin we stopped on I25. We just made it in time for the briefing, Erin turned E on Alameda and found a park to let Katie and Kristen walk to the field. Andrea and Ken also showed up to help us inflate. Had to make a quick trip back to the room for the Banner (no traffic now and I'm in the 2nd wave)! Nice flight when we finally got off, spiraling E of the field until we dropped low and headed into the Albuquerque Academy.

Sunday 10/07 was windy and out of the S.

Monday 10/08 Purple Track, Gus. On field target so we went S to Paseo Del Norte and Jefferson to launch. No marker on board, but we clipped the SW corner of the scoring area as we flew by. Had to be careful to stay W of the river. Spent a lot of distance trying to line up on a clear field before landing just short of RT 550 with not much beyond. Helped another balloon stop in our field.

Tuesday 10/09 Green Track, Steve. Spiraled ESE from the field near Paseo Del Norte. At about Louisiana we dropped down and traveled E, staying over the homes and never veering into the open fields! Eventually came out the E end and THEN shifted S to land on Holly Ave, just at the credit union driveway. Quick deflation to make room for cars in and out. Found a brake pad had worn down to metal on metal :-(

Wednesday 10/10 was windy from the SSE, about 200 flew to or across the reservation.

Thursday 10/11 Orange Track, Claribel and Todd. Competition day but we flew off the field. Inconsistent box today, we started S across the field and eventually W to the flood control. Then NE to NNW to the parking just N of the field. Hung around there, drifting slowly E, then dropped with the intent to drift SE to open areas E of the field. Instead, over concession parking we turned 90 degrees right to head into the field and competition. Over concessions we turned SSW to fly over the E edge launch sites, between two standing balloons an landed on E2.

Friday 10/12 Yellow Track, Eden and Kyle. Skipped competition again and flew from V6, slowly S to midfield before turning E to cross over the concessions. Continued S to the Museum then SE to Paseo Del Norte and Jefferson. Slowly wandered around that area, the GPS got some corrupt location data for a while. Eventually ended over the Crown Plaza pyramid and dropped down. This turned up S, over various parking lots and eventually to a cement creek with an open field and parking lot beyond. Got caught in a very stiff tree top just before the creek and had help walking to a sidewalk at the bridge to deflate.

Saturday 10/13 Blue Track, Brenda and Ed. Wind out of the SE today, first wave but didn't get off till 7:55. Heading NW we clipped the corner of the reservation before getting to the Rio Grande to drop low and play with all the other balloons heading N. Climbed when we ran out of clear water and headed NW again, across Corrales and into N Rio Rancho. After crossing 528 we dropped lower to search for a good landing site. Approaching a church with some people gathered to watch, we turned right and missed the parking lot but the all came over to help move us up to the pavement for deflation.

Sunday 10/14 Showers on the drive in, flights canceled due to heavier showers approaching.

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