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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 07Jan2012
Jeff and Ted

Launch:  Plantsville, CT - Aqua Turf Club   Duration:  1:00
Land:  Kensington, CT   Distance:  6.59
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Map of the flight

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Dawn was almost 7:20, we showed up at 6:45 and the parking lot was already full of vehicles and balloons setting up! Selected the back grassy spot with Bill Costen and slowly started while waiting for the crew and allowing Bill time to inflate.

It wasn't a frigid morning, about 28F, but luckily it was below freezing because the geese REALLY like this end of the parking log, and the grass was a low area that holds water. Everything was frozen just enough to allow us to inflate dry.

Slowly climbed out with Jeff and Ted, Carol and Carlos were chase. Very low wind was slow N so we flew up the tree line in the parking lot. Across the first street we could drop low across the Cemetery to the following field where Bill had landed. Climbed from there to start a turn to the NE. All the way across the ridge the direction didn't change much, but the speed increased to 20mph at about 1000ft. The speed got us quickly across to more open areas for landing.

Some balloons selected early landing sites. At least one went high for distance. We dropped lower, turned NNE and slowed to watch for good landing sites ahead. Went left of a baseball field and were tracking left of a mill building ahead, but approaching the Paper Goods Pond dam we turned further left and descended over the pond to land in the small park on Main St. Walked into the parking lot to deflate dry.

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