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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 21Mar2021
Rudi then Rhonda

Launch:  Stow, MA   Duration:  1:10
Land:  Stow, MA   Distance:  1.9
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Map of the flight

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COVID-19 precautions halted flying for a year! This is the first flight of the rebuilt Peanuts 4Ever envelope since it was completed last July.

Rudi and Rhonda had planned on flying today, but the chase vehicle is temporarily out of service. They, with Scott, are my crew for this very calm and clear morning. And this provides an opportunity for my flight review!

This is worse than the first flight after the annual, it includes a long delay since the last flight and a brand new envelope. Slowly inflated, taking many pictures of the new fabric. Three TO and landings on the grass to demonstrate is still know how :-) and I took off with Rudi.

Kept it very low to initially head slowly west toward the diner and beacon. Climbed a little to head very slowly east, checking out any new construction on the airport including the hydrogen fuel tank. I think it is/was used for an MIT project. Descended as we approached the grass runway and very slowly reversed course back toward the launch site.

Set down in the parking lot and decided to make another quick flight. Took off with Rhonda but couldn't find the west drift anymore. Crossed the grass runway, clipped the end of the new development, crossed Flag Hill Pond still frozen on the shadowed edge. Initially looked as the orchard off W Acton Rd but spotted an llama there so we just past to houses off W Acton and Boxboro Rd. Laid out tarps to keep the envelope clean and dry.

Timelapse Video captured on a static mounted Sony HDR-AS100VR:

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