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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 20-22Sep2019
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Launch:  Queensbury NY - Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport   Duration:  0:55 | 1:10 | 0:45 | 1:30
Land:  Kingsbury | Local | Local | Fort Ann   Distance:  8.4 | 2.8 | 3.1 | 8.8
Link To: Adirondack Balloon Festival
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Map of the flight

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This weekend weather looks good. Afternoon winds should drop off just in time to make flights, and mornings are calm (without fog?!). Friday evening we delayed inflation a little waiting for winds to drop. Rick's crew was still on the road with tire problems so I "volunteered" Andrea and Ken, plus Tonia can come up with a couple if Rick flies from the RV area. Surface heads north, climbing turns east to the farm land so after flying up the west side of the field we climbed over 3000 to head ESE. Descended as we approached the Champlain Canal to turn back north, crossing back over the canal and angling out toward RT 41, Mud St. At low level we were parallel to Mud St, approaching a nice driveway but it had a power line so we ended on the far side in an open field for landing. The owners were out (another balloon across Mud St was also on their field) and gave permission to drive out for recovery.

Saturday morning we had a little mist around but no fog. The initial launch took us a little south until we turned NNE. Abeam the tower we dropped to turn E again, heading toward the horse track where a couple balloons had landed. Continued across the south end, climbing to turn NE a bit toward homes and yards at the Underwood Rd and Vaughn Rd. I didn't want to cross Vaughn into the gravel pits so we dropped low and wandered around the yards until we ended in an open area to set down. Moved closer to the road before deflating. The homeowner allowed us to drive in to pick up the balloon.

Another sporty afternoon takeoff headed north across the main launch field until I climbed higher to get the right turn out to the open spaces. This time we were heading north of the horse track toward the open fields with several other balloons. We flew north beyond the major access road and up to the north end of the fields with a smaller drive from the west. There were more fields beyond the next trees, but we were running out of time to go that far. Several spectators on a wagon greeted us on the access and the crew got to us without too much delay or difficulty.

Sunday morning was calm on the surface but was now forecast to pick up much earlier than previous forecasts. It also picked up at altitude so we covered more ground heading north east. Higher up we moved east before dropping back down. Many balloons landed in the middle of fields that were OK for deflation once the crew could identify the correct access! Flew past Rick toward Fort Ann. Found a named dirt road that had other chase vehicle traffic so I aimed for the adjacent field. Doing great for a while then turned east, parallel to the road. Finally set down in the fallow field and waited for the crew to walk the balloon out. Then the surface wind picked up! Sporty until the crew arrived and could angle us out to the short grass, then as we were pulling out the tarps the wind reversed and we could smell the adjacent silage pile that used to be down wind. Finally got deflated in the changing surface winds.

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