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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 27Jul2019
Scott and Ashley

Launch:  Stow, MA   Duration:  1:10
Land:  Boxboro, MA   Distance:  3.2
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Map of the flight

This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

Calm forecast for Saturday, little more wind for Sunday. Some chance for fog Saturday AM but later forecasts have a good temp/dew-point spread.

Bob and Rudi were also out on Saturday, I have Scott and Ashley as passengers. Pibal didn't move much but by the time we got off first, we crossed over the trees at about 5mph to the north end of the runway to drop and slow for Bob and Rudi the catch up.

We started with blue sky but ended with a low overcast that was not in the forecast. Couldn't see the Boston skyline and couldn't climb very high as we flew slowly NNE. Past the Boxboro Fire Station, across the forest, Lori landed on Joseph Rd just before Liberty Square Rd. We continued along Depot Rd toward the Blue Heron nesting wetlands. Lined up on a nice yard short of the last road and dropped in to the delight of the neighbors.

Timelapse Video captured on a static mounted Sony HDR-AS100VR:

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