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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 22-24Sep2017
Joshua, Jeremy | Robert, Dennis | Ronald, Cynthia

Launch:  Queensbury NY - Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport   Duration:  0:55 | 1:00 | 1:00
Land:  Hudson Falls | Local | Local   Distance:  3.5 | 1.3 | 2.4
Link To: Adirondack Balloon Festival
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Map of the flight

This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

This is the best weather forecast the Adirondack Balloon Festival has seen in years!

Friday night about half the balloons flew because the direction was not great, SW, with the sunset time limit. We put Bob's balloon up on tether for the kids at the RV field.

Saturday morning started great with wind SE. The wind picked up as we prepared to launch with Joshua and Jeremy. Spent most of the flight low to keep it slow and as much left (E) turn toward the open farm land past Hudson Falls. Later in the flight the winds dropped and we made a stand-up landing at a school with two other balloons following us in.

Saturday evening was light winds and the sponsor winners Robert and Dennis. It was a slow flight from the RV field, passing E of the main field and ending between hangers N of the spectators.

Sunday morning was again heading slowly NE with Ronald and Cynthia. We again passed E of the main field, continuing off the airport, past several balloons that landed early, eventually finding a large side yard along Dean, N of Casey.

Timelapse Video:

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