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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 18-20Sep2015
Tonia, Debbie | Robert, Skip

Launch:  Queensbury NY - Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport   Duration:  0:10 | 1:30
Land:  Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport   Distance:  0.83 | 1.72
Link To: Adirondack Balloon Festival
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Map of the flight

This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

The best forecast day is Sat AM, followed by Fri PM, Sun AM, and finally Sat PM. The concern is the winds.

Fri afternoon was breezy and at the 4:45 briefing, the winds had dropped below the 10kt limit so the field was open. Most everyone was delaying as long as possible to allow the winds to drop further. We went behind the RVs to give us a longer run that crossed the RVs for pictures and would allow us to stay on the airport. Late launch turned more right than expected but kept us within cleared fields heading down the hill. Bob was ahead and Rudi was behind me. We were too far right to repeat our flight over the concessions and land between the hangers. Bob set down before the runway. I was lined up between two chase vehicles on the far side of the runway so we continued a little further. The other crews added weight as we when by and stopped us. Rotated the basket so tank 1 was up and deflated immediately. I was flat on my back on smooth ground holding the vent open. Tanya and Debbie were on top. It took a little assistance so we could all crawl out.

Sat morning was great. Light winds out of the south and wispy fog to keep an eye on. Bob and I inflated near the RV bus stop and made slow departures. Bob climbed to catch the quicker wind to the NE for his usual breakfast stop. We started NW down the hill to the swamp before climbing to turn NE. From there we spiraled our way down the right side of the main runway to avoid overflying the main field of balloons. The slow flight over the airport allowed for many pictures, from the air and the ground. Our last spiral took us off the N end of the runway into the grass field with Rick Jones. Walked the balloon back onto the runway and used Mark Stodolski's tarp. Rick showed he knew how to fly a basket... sitting on top of my #1 corner.

Timelapse Video:

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