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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 14-16Aug2015
Leo | Jeff, Carlos | Jennifer, Jeff

Launch:  Hudson MA - Hudson Elks   Duration:  0:50 | 1:05 | 1:00
Land:  Hudson | Stow | Hudson   Distance:  2.28 | 4.94 |2.83
Link To: Hudson Elks
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Map of the flight

This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

There is a facebook page for the Hudson-Concord Elks Balloon Festival

After a 3 year hiatus, the Hudson-Concord Elks are back with Balloons and Blues. I managed to round up crew to fly the Friday morning media flight with 6 other balloons. Had a slow gentle flight across Hudson, out Main street. Played over the river and continued toward the transfer station. David was ahead and spotted Cox School and landed in the front area. We had to make a low approach over the transfer station to get as much right turn as possible, and made it into the baseball field because it was tucked in left of the rear school fields.

Saturday AM was a similar forecast, surface from the west, turning right as you climb. No one wanted to play south of Main street in E Hudson. Another low flight, to avoid the faster winds aloft. Approaching Cox, we turned a bit more NE along 62 and over Honey Pot Orchards and the maze. Past up some neighborhoods and popped up about 500 feet to get a sharp and fast right turn toward the Crow Island ultralight airport. Adam landed at the west end, Mark on the east end, and I dropped like a rock for the center. Had to drop fast to avoid traveling too far N where the campers and tree line were located. Didn't quite flair as much as I should. Look for the triangle imprint.

Saturday PM didn't look that bad to begin with, but dark sky NW and SW showed up on radar as serious storms. Bob had the walk-through up and Keith was tethering the chariot when an outflow hit us. It was exciting for a few minutes while we got them down. Lightning north and south, eventually we had a short rain storm pass over. Later three balloons did stand for a glow, the rest of us just did a candle stick glow.

Sunday AM is another light morning with a right turn above. We again made low flights, generally south of Main street a bit. Passed over Forest Ave Elementary where Adam had landed and was setting up for tether of the neighborhood "kids". We drifted over the rear walk way and talked to people headed toward Adam. Continued on E and as Main St turned S we started encountering open fields. Some camp at Lewis St, south of Main, but I saw a line running through the field that turned out to be a zip line. We had a good track on Ferjulian's farm stand anyway so that was where I was headed. David landed in the same place a short time later. Walked to the house driveway near farm stand building. Shifting winds maid it inadvisable to use the parking lot in the corner. Laid down up the driveway.

Timelapse Video:

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