The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 20-22Sep2013
Adrian, Bill

Launch:  Queensbury NY - Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport   Duration:  0:30
Land:  Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport   Distance:  1.11
Link To: Adirondack Balloon Festival
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Map of the flight

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The weather forecast early in the week looked like we might have rain late Sunday, and luck out for the weekend. Winds aloft forecast increased and rain moved forward by Friday.

Friday afternoon it was a bit breezy, but forecast to drop by about sunset (race to see which comes first). We had a second briefing at 5:30, sunset at 7 pm. Winds are dropping, field open, pilots discretion. Went up to the RV field and decided a) winds are continuing to drop, b) winds are good now, c) we should take every opportunity to fly.

Bob and I inflated and took off about 30 minutes before sunset, Bob in front. Skimmed down the hill to stay max left and as slow as possible. I think Bob did a quick landing just after the taxi way then continued to near the tour buses. We were further left and continued on, passing just right of the field of balloons, across the parking apron, and landing on the grass between the last two hangers. Beyond that could take time to find and opening, and sunset was close.

Saturday morning was marginal winds and only getting worse during the morning so only a few balloons stood up for a short while. Saturday afternoon was VERY gusty, and they only did a burner glow for the crowd. Saturday night there was a short period of very heavy rain that was gone by morning. Unfortunately the winds were still marginal so the field was closed to launch. A few balloons stood up for short periods. Four balloons went off field to fly, and could be seen to be moving. One landed on airport at the west end of the cross runway.

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