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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 02-04Aug2013
Patty and Michael | Kristen and Benjamin | Jean and Raeanna

Launch:  Pittsfield, NH   Duration:  0:45 | 1:20 | 1:00
Land:  Local | Local | Local   Distance:  0.76 | 3.77 | 0.22
Link To: Pittsfield, NH Balloon Festival
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Map of the flight

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Delta Dental is our sponsor again this year and we mounted the basket banner. Winds dropped for the evening and we had a slow flight NE, playing over the pond initially and eventually getting to the large field across RT 28 an Barnstead. At the south end near the house this year. Talked to the owner and this is a popular field, counting 21 balloons one year.

Saturday morning had a high overcast but winds to the NE again. We stayed close to the field down low initially, actually turning back toward the field before climbing and heading NE. By staying low you could fly slow and land before leaving the local fields, but we went high enough to follow other balloons NE across the wooded area. Where RT 28 turns E to cross our path, several balloons including us found a large open area that used to be a lumber yard. Landed on a dirt road near Bob and decided to lay out tarps. Just as we were deflating the sky opened up to dump a short but heavy shower. There were standing puddles on the tarp when we finished packing.

Saturday evening winds didn't drop early enough to launch, but the balloon was so wet from the morning that water was draining from the bag. Bob and crew helped cold inflate early for the night glow to allow moisture to drain before hot inflation. Reasonably dry after the night glow.

Sunday morning was very light winds and an opportunity to complete drying the balloon. We spent our time low over the pond talking to kayakers, over the edge of the cemetery, eventually coming back to our launch site for landing. Walked to the boat ramp parking for a dry deflation.

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