The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 31Dec2010
Beth and Gerry

Launch:  Stow, MA - Minute Man Airfield   Duration:  0:35
Land:  Acton, MA - Conant School   Distance:  4.3
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Map of the flight

This is a Google Earth version of the track and should open in your local Google Earth. For more information or to install Google Earth on your system, go to Google Earth.

I didn't track the changing forecast closely or we would have flown yesterday. The winds were light and the sky was clear. This morning was still light, but partly cloudy (or was that partly sunny?).

The fan was a problem again. Pete suspects ethanol phase change due to the cold temperatures, so we'll try some Sta-Bil next time. Managed to get the balloon filled and Beth inflated it. Beth continued to handle the balloon through the flight.

Like last flight, the mid band 200-800ft was faster than either the surface or 3000ft forecast. Even the surface was over the 1-2 that was forecast so we covered the distance to RT2 and RT111 in a short time. I wasn't ready to explore Hanscom airspace again so soon, so we setup for landing at Conant school. Went through a tree top on approach deeper than I intended and lost one of my gloves.

Continued across the road and dropped the line so the crew could stop us in the corner parking lot. Even backing up to the edge of the parking lot left us with a short deflation site, but we carefully managed.

Beth walked back to the tree line and found my Albuquerque glove.

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