The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 17Jan2010
Beth and Leo

Launch:  Stow, MA - Minute Man Airfield   Duration:  1:20
Land:  Hudson, MA   Distance:  4.92
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Map of the flight

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Two weekends in a row! Forecast wasn't bad for Saturday, but we even better for Sunday so that was the morning. Forecast was for light winds aloft and surface winds. Some surrounding winds aloft forecast light and variable (9900).

Slowly departed SE, parallel to the runway. Stayed low to avoid a right turn that would bring us close to the approach of the runway. Saw one airplane make a full stop practice landing and depart.

Continuing SE, we crossed 117 and Hudson Rd, heading along the edge of the Golf course. Picked out the water treatment plant (visible before Cox School) and started navigating to the school. Before the water treatment we dropped lower and stalled short of the river. Edged east before climbing to head toward the school again. Had to stay as low as possible to avoid turning too far right (west) and missing the school.

On final approach, dropped too soon before the main driveway and turned toward the school building. Rather than set down in the grass (snow) I made a quick climb to turn south, then a quick drop once we were over the parking lot. Conditions were just a bit too warm (border line freezing) so we used to tarps to avoid moisture.

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