The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 16Jun2007
Dick and Pam

Launch:  Harvard, MA - Fruitlands   Duration:  1:25
Land:  Littleton, MA   Distance:  9.85
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Map of the flight

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During the past week, the forecast has not looked that good. As Friday approached, it looked like there would be a good window on Saturday morning. Possible showers were coming into the area Saturday afternoon and Sunday, but Saturday morning was forecast calm.

Bob arranged to fly out of Fruitlands Museum again so we get to start from a new area. We invited Dick Eastman (one of Carol's genealogy contacts) and Dick's newsletter editor Pam.

While blue sky is nice, the high clouds reduced solar heating so we had consistent ground winds to navigate with today. Rudi, Bob, and I took off from Fruitlands one after the other, starting NE and turning E as we climbed. We dropped low over streams and marshes a couple of times, but generally stayed high enough to head E.

After crossing 495 and Rt2 we dropped low for a while to head N to the end of Long Lake. By this time, Bob was NE of us and Rudi was S of Rt2. I was originally considering Shaker Lane school or the neighborhood NE of there along Rt2A. Bob climbed and headed toward Nagog Pond so we followed.

Bob dropped short of the pond, S of Rt2A and selected a open field just off someones yard. I dropped low near him but decided the neighborhood N of Rt2A looked much nicer for recovery. We zig-zag'd our way toward the road, but my last zig took is too far right and we ended up the road from the "Y" I was really aiming at.

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