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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 11-13Jun2004
Violet Festival

Launch:  Dolgeville, NY   Duration:  2:15, 0:50, 1:20
Land:  Little Falls, Salisbury Center, Little Falls   Distance:  7.9, 4.8, 5.7
Link To: Dolgeville Violet Festival
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Map of the flight

We haven't managed to find much good weather at home, But this weekend at Dolgeville NY had a good long range forecast.

The first flight was scheduled for Friday evening, but the winds were still gusty and heading too much to the east where the maps didn't show much access. We canceled that flight.

Saturday morning was forecast and reported as light and variable. We did have some breeze when we left the motel in Little Falls, but that appears to be local conditions near the river. We headed slowly SSE. There are many open farm fields, the challenge is picking something that will allow an easy retrieve. We missed the old church field and ended up in a large back yard.

The Saturday afternoon flight was not a good direction. The winds were light enough we could fly NE a bit, but once you get too far, all you see are trees. There were places to land out there, but the recovery would have been difficult. We had a pleasant flight, staying low and slow most of the time to avoid flying too far, and finally landed in a large yard along RT 29A NE of Salisbury Center.

The Sunday morning forecast was terrible, with breezy conditions forecast on the ground and in the 3000 foot winds aloft. Reality was much different! We had less breeze in Little Falls and at the Dolgeville High School. We also had a thick surface flow SSW which was opposite of the forecast. Initially headed toward Little Falls, but by the time we got to the high tension lines, climbing to clear them also turned is west. We moved NNW to back away from the lines before coming down to finally land next to a garden and driveway for easy recovery.

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