The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 02Nov2003
Bob and Dan

Launch:  Stow, MA - Minute Man Air Field   Duration:  1:32
Land:  Maynard, MA - Library   Distance:  6.87
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Map of the flight

Missed a good flight last Saturday, so we scheduled enough crew to cover both days this weekend.

Saturday was a bit windy, but the Sunday forecast looked better. There was no wind during the 5am weather check and the forecast had actually improved so today was a go.

Rudy showed up after us but was ready almost as soon as we were because this was an instructional flight. Bob did the inflation and take off, straight ESE.

We were lined up for landing on an old parking area that turned out to be inside the fenced off area of Grace Chemical. Probably not a good place even without a fence. As we approached, mother nature decided to make sure we didn't land there and provided a 140 degree hard turn. It felt like we bounced off a wall.

For a while it looked like we might make the Maynard Mill (it's difficult not to call it the DEC Mill), but we ended with too much right turn and ended up in the Library parking lot.

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