The Art of Ballooning 

Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 29&30Jun2002
Northwest Connecticut Balloon Festival

Launch:  Goshen CT, Fairgrounds   Duration:  1:06, 1:08, 2:07
Land:  Woodbury, Litchfield, Torrington   Distance:  16.9, 7.19, 4.68 mi
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Map of the flight

The weather in Goshen never seems to have a good forecast, but this weekend is the exception. The weather during the week before was wet but appeared to be clearing. Friday night was still a bit windy, but Saturday morning was forecast to start a light and variable weekend.

Goshen Fairgrounds being on the top of the hill, even light and variable is breezy but nice compared to some years.

Saturday morning was the Hare and Hound race. The hare balloon set down in the Litchfield area. We passed just a little too far to the right over a tree line and were unable to throw the bean bag. Continued on south to a calm landing next to a driveway for easy access.

The evening flight came with radio problems. When the crew drove under us on a road, we landed in the next field. After landing we found the road stopped at the edge of the tree line. There was a path and we carried the pieces out.

The Sunday morning flight went East and was the slowest. We passed a possible landing site at 38 minutes and finally found the next acceptable site at 2 hours. Now you know why we carry so much reserve! There were other holes to land in, just not accessible (the Water Treatment plant with the sweeping driveway and an I beam for a gate!).

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