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Hot Air Balloon Flight Record - 18,19Aug2001
Great Northern Catskills Balloon Festival and Air Show

Launch:  Greenville, NY - Balsam Shade Resort   Duration:  1:10,1:20,1:15
Land:  Greenville, NY   Distance:  2.16,5.25,2.06
Link To: Great Northern Catskills Balloon Festival and Air Show
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Map of the flight

In the week preceeding the event, the weather forecast did not sound very promising. We drove through rain getting to Greenville on Friday.

Mother Nature was smiling on us though. We had great weather for Saturday morning, Saturday evening, and Sunday morning. I'm not sure how Sunday evening turned out.

The map shows all 3 flights. Saturday morning is the BLACK track, Saturday evening is RED, and Sunday morning is BLUE.

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