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Digitool DBI3 Flight Instrument

At the end of 2017 I learned about the latest flight instrument from Digitool, the DBI3. It looked like the Feature vs. Price Point barrier had finally been crossed with built in GPS, pressure altitude/variometer, wireless top temperature, lithium battery, and flight logging in a small, solid machined metal case!

As an early adopter I was part of the "Beta" test, providing my feedback and writing my version of the Log download and KML conversion software. Digitool provided the original downloader but that just left you with proprietary LOG files. Keith Sproul and I worked on converting the logs to a usable format. I originally went with a CSV format that existing open source programs could convert to anything, but eventually followed Keith's lead to create Google Earth KML format output. And then incorporated the downloader into a single application.

This is still alpha level software. I need to create the stable build process before declaring this beta, but in the meantime it is fully operational as a command line application. On Windows 10, if you double click DBI3cli.exe the application should bring up a CMD window to prompt for actions.
On Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) DBI3cli should be run in a terminal window.

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